This part of the Midwest is unique in that the glaciers of the last Ice Age missed it, 10,000 years ago. Ancient rivers carved the landscape into scenic ravines. There are many beautiful rocky bluffs and hills throughout this region. It's also known as the "coulee region". A coulee is a "deep gulch or ravine, usually dry in the summer". Wildlife is abundant and diverse. Many trees inhabit this area including: aspen, birch, spruce, oak, pine, walnut and our favorite, the sugar maple.

The main fork of the Kickapoo River lies just to the east of our farm. This river is known in the area for canoeing. The west fork of the Kickapoo, which lies just west of us, is known for great trout fishing. The mighty Mississippi is just 25 miles straight west. Minneapolis/St. Paul is about 200 miles northwest and Chicago is 225 miles southeast of us.

The surrounding areas are primarily used for agriculture. Cattle and horses are common sights. There are some areas that are suitable for large-scale crops but due to the topography, smaller specialty crops are common. Overall, this area still retains that peaceful feel that is typical of the rural countryside.

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